Saturday, 19 February 2011

end of term 1

So anyway it was the last day of school and I had just finished giving Seth his breakfast. & he completely kicked off. He was in a complete rage and I didn't know why. I fought him into his coat and carried him rigid into the car. & then I put his school bag on his lap. His bag is his 'object of reference' for school and so every morning after he's strapped into his car seat I hold the bag on his lap and tell him 'here's your school bag because you're going to school'. I wait for him to look at it before I can carry on. So yesterday, despite his screams, I doggedly held his school bag on his lap and said the magic words. & he stopped shouting. Instantly. It was completely amazing. I was worried that the thrill of school had dimmed and he didn't want to go. But obviously not! I think he was simply tired (it's good we've got a week to rest a little) but despite this he still clearly was happy to be going.

Anyway this morning Seth was very happy playing on daddy. It was so cool I video'd it. It's rubbish quality cos its from my mobile but it's still fab. Plus it's on it's side and I can't work out how to rotate it so you might get a cricked neck watching it!!!
Later that afternoon we were driving and we had Metallica cd playing. Seth was properly moshing in his car seat and we video'd that too!. Enjoy.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm still here

Seth is all good and we're all good but I got kind of sick of hearing my own voice so I'm taking a break until I've got something really interesting to say!