Sunday, 4 March 2012

Growing old disgracefully

Yesterday I turned 41. I'm not sure how I got to be so old and I certainly don't feel it (and according to everyone, luckily don't look it). I've only in the last 6 months joined a roller derby team which is a predominantly women's full contact sport; I start this now when my husband has stopped playing rugby because he felt he was getting too old (he's my age!). If you want to see what it's about watch this video (a random selection from You Tube). If you do watch it, a quick explanation: the girl with the star on her helment is a 'jammer', there are 2 teams on the track, each have one jammer who have to race each other and get past the opposing team who will try to block/hit her. The team scores points for each member of opposing team she skates past.

I celebrated my birthday by going to see Rammstein at Nottingham Arena. Rammstein are an industrial metal band from Germany and they were excellent. I've no idea what they are singing about but I was yelling along regardless! Again, I am so lucky that I have my parents to look after Seth overnight so we can still do this sort of thing (although we try to keep it to a minimum because I can't bear seeing how tired they usually look the following morning!!). Seth has just been full of giggles and bouncing today. We've also gotten through two weeks of new school term with no fits, which is a first since he started last January. He was great in trampolining on Thursday; he stayed sitting up on the trampoline for a couple of minutes whilst being bounced. Every time he started to fall, he'd correct himself and regain his balance, the whole time squealing with laughter.

It's all just pretty darn good. I wasn't too chuffed at being in my 40's but, I've never been one to do whatever is the 'social norm' so why should my age determine my behaviour any more than I've let anything else dictate my life. Craig bought me the graphic novel 'V for Vendetta' for my birthday. It's written by Alan Moore and whilst I've read, and enjoyed, some of his stuff I had only seen the film adaptation of this particular novel. It's the namesake of my roller derby team 'Vendetta Vixens' and I'm looking forward to reading it and being reminded to keep questioning, never simply accept what I'm told and keep striving for more for me and Seth.