Monday, 24 October 2011

Having fun

We've had the best few days. Seth has been so happy, responsive and talkative. Yesterday he enjoyed rolling by himself on the floor. I had him lying on his tummy whilst I played with a toy that makes him giggle. He then happily rolled himself onto his back! Then I managed to get him rolling onto either side, following a noisy, flashing halloween toy I picked up the other day. He actually rolled onto his left side to touch it and then rolled onto his right side to follow it. Very very cool!

This morning Seth found stickle brick pieces very entertaining. He was sitting in his chair with a few different colours and shapes on his tray and he actually used both hands to pick up and handle them. I was so proud of him. & then in the bath tonight he raised his right arm high and then brought it down to splash the water with his hand. He has been using his hand to splash the water for a few months now but tonight it was such a deliberate move and he made himself laugh.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Riding for the disabled

We went to Riding for the Disabled this morning for the first time. It was to get Seth measured up for a hat and let him pat a pony. His head is too small for the hats they had but a solution was found when I said he had a cycling helmet. He started giggling pretty much as soon we got there; I think he liked the horsey smell. And he really liked it when Craig took him to meet one of the ponies! Apparently he rubbed his face against it, laughed and rubbed his face again. They are really busy but a cancellation means we've got another opportunity to go early November, and that time Seth will actually ride!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Patience is a virtue

I don't have much time for blogging at the moment; my exams are in 2 months and I've got LOTS of work to do before I'm even remotely likely to pass them. I'm already planning all the things I'll do when I'm not doing this damn course. Bizzarely one of the things I'm looking forward to doing is creating a quilt for Seth. I first got the idea of creating a quilt when I was pregnant and other than collecting odd bits of material and looking into how to quilt, I didn't get any further. Seth is mainly being just like any other kid; wonderful and terrible at the same time. He can light up a room with his giggle and he can set your ears ringing with his screams. Part of my trouble is that the drive that keeps me looking forward and encouraging Seth to learn new things also makes me impatient for development to come quicker than it is. Seth has made so much progress and I have to stop and take stock every so often to appreciate how much we've achieved. Plus I must show him how proud I am of him and make him feel good about who he is and what he can do right now, if I'm going to help him push some more boundaries. So, it's all about patience and taking things step by step. I need to focus on the next 2 months before worrying about anything else and I need relax and enjoy the place that Seth is in at the moment. Maybe if I relax more, so will he and we'll have less screaming tantrums (from him and me :)
I can't say that I'm always this balanced about everything but you know I am more days than I'm not! Read this post from a blog from another mum of a child with brain damage: Well said!