Friday, 29 April 2011

Not the royal wedding.

We went in for the EEG last week. It was the first time Seth had slept during the test in a while so they were really pleased. I'm still waiting to hear if we've learnt anything about his recent fits from it but its good to have it anyway. The woman conducting the test told us that next time Seth has a series of fits we should phone them directly so that they do it at the time, which is great to hear.

I've decided not to go back to the osteopath. I still think they did some good for Seth but even the new guy we were seeing, Pierre, started talking nonsense and it just pissed me off. Seth was very talkative when we first went in for the appointment and Pierre told me that Seth's jabbering meant that he Seth was telling him what he wanted Pierre to work on. I thought he was joking, but no he was serious. Now I love hearing Seth 'talking' but I rarely hear anything that I can actually understand! Then when I questioned if we were seeing any real improvement in Seth's development that could directly be linked to the sessions Pierre told me that I need to look with heart and not my mind and that he could see by Seth's energy the improvements. During the session Pierre also started telling me about his work with horses and when I raised my eyebrows he said 'well horses are very sensitive creatures you know' and at that I actually laughed out loud. I couldn't help myself! I've heard of people doing reiki on horses and I really don't know horses enough to know how sensitive they are but it sounded like they were the ones giving the sessions to him which now I realise probably wasn't what he was saying. Oh well!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunny days!

We dusted off Seth's trike today for the first time since winter and took it for a spin around Willens Lake in Milton Keynes. With the larger boot I can fit it into the new car. Of course the idea is to use it instead of the car but I'm not going out onto the road without a practice session first. Seth still thinks its fab and shrieked and giggled a lot (in fact as I'm sitting in the garden typing I can hear him in his bed still shrieking and laughing, I think he's had a good day :)). I've heard of something called 'muscle memory' but my bottom definitely had forgotten what it was like to be on a bike seat!

We did some 4-point kneeling this afternoon, and Seth is definitely starting to get the idea of holding weight on his arms- and when he was on his tummy he was bringing his knees up so his bottom half moves in the right direction. I really think that he's gonna get there eventually, that one day - it could take another year, but one day - he'll hold himself up with his hands.I think the main thing is that he's enjoying trying and he's really exploring what he can/can't do, like doing squats when he's standing and leaning further and further back when he's sitting so he can pull himself upright without falling over.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The car has arrived!!!

Wow, thanks for the virtual hugs and hoki sayings. Very appreciated :)

Anyway to misquote Winnie the Pooh: how can anyone be uncheered with sunny weather like this?
We're off for the Easter Holidays but managed to get Seth into holiday club for 2 days at his school so Craig and I will have some time to ourselves next week. Which will be nice! Some of that time will be spent doing DIY but hey ho, that will be good in its own way.

The great news is that the CAR HAS ARRIVED!!!!! A little later than the 1st week of March that I was originally told but that always happens doesn't it? Anyway, it is SWEET and very yummy. I love its DAB radio (tuning in 6 music was the very first thing I did) and the blue tooth technology - it's even got voice commands for goodness sake!!! Plus I can fit all of Seth's stuff in the boot, yeah.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Deep, dark holes

I've been in a deep, dark hole. Seth has been fine. He hasn't shown any further signs of fitting and we've got an eeg scheduled in a couple of weeks so we'll know a little more then. I also went to my sleep seminar up in Manchester which was interesting; I learnt a bit about the sleep cycle, why it's important to keep the bedroom dark and a good pre-sleep routine and that it would be a good idea for us to keep a sleep diary for Seth that we can show the epilepsy nurse when she contacts us. I also went to Nottingham for a day's course on deep tissue massage which was just brilliant.

& yet I found myself in the bleakest of mindsets for the last several days which thankfully I seemed to have crawled out of, at least for now. I just feel like an absolute failure - at work, at motherhood, at life in general! & if that sounds completely self pitying - it is!