Saturday, 22 September 2012

Back to school

Three weeks have passed since Seth started the new school year in his new class. And, of course, my fears have been proven unfounded. He has settled in well; my main worry had been that he would be isolated in his chair but the teacher has all the children regularly on the floor 'mixing it up' so it seems that he's getting lots of tactile contact with the other kids. An example of the amazing stuff they do at his school; on Friday they had 'sensory dance' which which means 'dancing' your hands over a child in time to music. Plus a bit of a massage thrown in. I think all of Seth's class have visual difficulties so everything is all about feel, sound and smell. I can see how, even though his sight is better, Seth would really benefit from that approach to learning.

The only one downer is that Seth's class haven't been able to go swimming for the last 2 weeks and until they get enough volunteers to help then they won't be able to. It's a problem for the whole school - most kids need one-to-one support to be able to swim so that's a lot of staff. Not only does Seth love it but it's brilliant physical excercise. So, if you know anyone in Northampton who might be able to help then please encourage them to contact Fairfields School. Craig is trying to negotiate time from work but I'm not sure how successful he will be, it would be amazing if he could because not only would Seth benefit but it would be wonderful for Craig too, swimming with Seth is such a joyful experience.

Today was the first horse riding session since the summer holidays. Seth sat so well, keeping his back straight and head up for a lot of the time. I was very proud! Then we went to look at a bungalow. It's looking like we might have actually sold the house! We had a surveyor around last week so hopefully things will be moving on. We're looking for bungalows to rent and the one we looked at today was actually a dorma. Lots of room on the ground floor and Seth would get his ground floor bedroom next to the bathroom. But Craig and I would be upstairs, albeit with our own en-suite bathroom! But the whole point of looking at bungalows is that we're all on the same floor or else we might as well be looking at houses. Hmm it was big though, lots of space with a nice large kitchen. We'll see.....

Friday, 7 September 2012

Holiday memories and lovely photos of Seth

Well the holiday was amazing. Seth was the best; he was unfazed by the flight there, the long car drives and the changing accomodation. We had a fabulous relaxing time which is still with me despite slipping back into normal routine. Long may that continue!!!