Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Taking the time to notice the little big things

Its been quite a while since I last posted. It hasn't been for a lack of anything to say, but rather a lack of time. Giggles Play started in January after a year of planning and fundraising and I've been rushed off my feet.

But my need to document and share my experiences with Seth hasn't changed so I am going to work hard to keep this blog going and post regularly.

Seth has been really looking and using his hands. Also his balance when sitting unsupported is improving; he can play with a football, rolling it around his feet and legs whilst sitting on the floor. When it rolls slightly away he tracks it and shuffles round to it so he can carry on playing. I watched Seth do this the other day and it was the first time I have seen him actually move towards something to carry on playing with it! The whole time he kept his arms and hands up close to his body out of the way.

When seated in a supportive chair or cuddled next to me on the sofa as in the photo, Seth is finding it easier to use his hands to play, like popping bubbles on his iPad app. Today when I helped him stand his arm flailed and his open hand rested on my face. I assume it was accidental but the feeling of his relaxed open palm was still a gift.

Such smalls things that are actually immense!