Monday, 29 October 2012


I've always talked to Seth; telling him what I'm doing as I'm doing it (if you're visually impaired it helps to be told what is/about to happen) or just chatting about stuff. In the last year he has become more and more vocal and is range of sounds has increased so it does sound like he's talking away even though we have no idea what he's actually saying. Seth's new teacher advised us to copy his sounds rather than just talking back to him. When I started doing it Seth went quiet and wide-eyed in surprise. But then he gets more lively and we turn take his sounds. If we're out it does sound  bit weird to be moaning or grunting at my son! But he enjoys it and obviously gets more out of it than me just talking normally to him. Apparently us copying him should encourage him to copy us and so encourage his speech. It feels like he's so on the verge of speaking. His sounds so much like words sometimes.

It's the same with his walking. Seth has begun to 'bum shuffle' which I'm very proud of. He still doesn't seem to have a destination in mind, just enjoying movement for it's own sake. & if he's sitting on my lap he'll wriggle until he can slide off to stand on the floor. It just feels like I could let him go and he'd just set off. But if I let go he'll just fall sideways or forwards; he just doesn't have that balance. But I'm seeing weight bearing on his arms, even if it's only a little it's still a hell of a lot more than before. And if he's gained balance whilst sitting then why not whilst standing?

& then there's the feeling. Driving home from school last week I noticed that Seth's right hand was out flat (not clenched like usual) and he was stroking the material on his car seat. I commented on it and he moved his hand to his leg and started stroking the denim giggling.

It made me catch my breath with the beauty of the moment.