Thursday, 16 February 2012

We have a breakthrough!!

Seth has successfully drank from a cup with a hard spout. He closes his mouth round the spout (not a complete seal but I'm not asking for miracles!) and sucks. This is because I am adding thickening powder to the drink so that he can control the flow better. Using thickening powder was suggested to us a long time ago by our lovely private speech & language therapist we had for a short time which we were able to get through Cerebra vouchers. She suggested it at the time because Seth tended to cough when he drank. After using the powder for a while Seth stopped coughing so in my wisdom I thought he didn't need it anymore so I stopped using it. However, the speech & language therapists at Seth's school recommended it again and lo and behold he's finally using a more grown up cup and he's not getting stressed about drinking. Yeah! I have confidently moved his bottles to the back of the cupboard.`

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Seth's school gets a new sensory room

No trampolining this week because Seth is full of cold and feeling pretty poorly. I kept him home on Friday and he actually let me make a nest on the sofa for him which he never does. He looked so cute wrapped up in his pyjamas and dressing gown covered in a blanket, full of calpol.

I saw this video on Facebook. You may have already seen it but it made me tearful, in a hopeful way. Its about a girl with autism who uses a keyboard to articulate what it is like for her and is now able to 'talk' via instant message with her dad.

At Seth's school I went to the official opening ceremony for a new sensory room. We have been fundraising for new equipment in the existing sensory room and the grandma of a child who attends the school got in touch with a friend who works for DHL. Reps came to the school and liked the project so much they decided to fund a second brand new room. A scant 2 months later and it was built. Seth's class were the first children to use it and it is very very lovely. DHL have now offered to pay for the remainder of the planned improvements to the old sensory room. With 2 fab sensory rooms the children will be able to use them loads more. Thank you DHL!!!