Thursday, 16 February 2012

We have a breakthrough!!

Seth has successfully drank from a cup with a hard spout. He closes his mouth round the spout (not a complete seal but I'm not asking for miracles!) and sucks. This is because I am adding thickening powder to the drink so that he can control the flow better. Using thickening powder was suggested to us a long time ago by our lovely private speech & language therapist we had for a short time which we were able to get through Cerebra vouchers. She suggested it at the time because Seth tended to cough when he drank. After using the powder for a while Seth stopped coughing so in my wisdom I thought he didn't need it anymore so I stopped using it. However, the speech & language therapists at Seth's school recommended it again and lo and behold he's finally using a more grown up cup and he's not getting stressed about drinking. Yeah! I have confidently moved his bottles to the back of the cupboard.`