Thursday, 29 August 2013

Seth starts walking

Seth got his new walker a month ago. I read about the Leckey walker last year on a different blog and it looked amazing. All the walkers I had seen before this that gave the level of support that Seth needs had loads of stuff at the front so if Seth did actually walk up to something he wouldn't be able to reach for it because the rest of the walker would be in the way. The 'spine' of the walker moves with the child so if they turn the walker turns to. It also can go outside. Anyway, I was smitten and spent the rest of the year trying to get our physio to arrange for the Leckey rep to bring one to school for Seth to try. I succeeded this Easter and we were able to trial it for several weeks. Our physio was convinced and she managed to convince the panel that decides what equipment gets funded even though it was more expensive than the usual walkers they provide.

It arrived just before the Summer holidays began and we had limited success. During the trial Seth really enjoyed the walker. Okay he mainly liked how he could bounce but he also took some lovely steps. Since then as soon as I've put him in it, even if he has walked up to it (with me supporting him) as soon as he was in it he would just go limp and just hang there. One time he even fell asleep in it! The walker supports Seth at the chest, hips and under the arms. However, it also has a little 'seat' which is intended to just provide support when needed. However, Seth was just immediately sitting on it and could not be cajoled into 'standing tall'. I managed to catch a moment when Seth forgot himself for a minute and did actually take a step!

On Saturday we did have some success with Seth being encouraged to walk between Craig and Craig's dad.

Yesterday our physio came over and we agreed that we should remove the 'seat' support. He can't fall because there are still the supports under his arms that go round his chest. As soon as we did this, Seth was off! Before I was gently pushing the walker as he took a step so that he didn't have to pull the weight of the walker as he attempted to walk. But now there is no need, he was happily moving forward on his own. He's been in it today again and with the same happy success. No recorded evidence yet - I was too delightedly watching to think to grab my camera. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cutting Seth's bed down to size

So we did it. Well Craig did it. We were worried that Seth would fall out of his cabin bed so we cut it's legs off.

I was pretty worried but Craig 'nailed it' on the first attempt. It's completely even; no wobble. I am very impressed! I wanted to keep the ladder, albeit also chopped, so that Seth could still climb into bed one day.

And the sensory den that was underneath? I moved that to the other side of the room.

With the curtains closed it's still pretty dark and the lights look just as cool. I actually think Seth prefers not to be so enclosed now.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Seth is going to fall out of bed one of these nights

We bought Seth's bed almost 2 years ago as he was growing out of his junior bed. It was getting really difficult picking him up at 2 in the morning when he inevitably woke up so we decided to buy him a cabin bed with a den underneath. That way he was at a more comfortable height and I strung lights up in his den to turn it into a sensory area.

Problem is that he has gotten scarily mobile. He's been sitting up in bed since last summer and now we regularly find him sitting up facing the other direction now that he is learning to 'bum shuffle'. It is slightly higher on one side which has stopped him tumbling out but I'm not sure that's going to stop that for much longer. There is a set of steps at one end and a slide at the other, all making for a very cool kids bed but really not useful or practical for Seth right now.

It's a shame as it really is an ace bed but its wonderful as its because Seth is more active and able to move his body on his own. Even a higher bed isn't such a need anymore as we don't have to pick him up from prone; we can get Seth to help by sitting up first and then (as long as we hold him) he can push up to stand. Or I could even help him to swing his hips round to stand straight onto the floor.

I know trampolining has made such a difference. I can see him gaining more balance and control of his body during the lesson. The conclusion to this? We're going to cut the legs off Seth's bed. We've looked at single beds that have a higher side and they are expensive so we are just going to bring Seth's bed down to size. Bit risky as neither of us are very handy with a saw... Here's a photo of Seth's bed whilst its still in one piece!