Sunday, 5 August 2012


We flew into Seattle yesterday. Seth was amazing. The flight was over 9 hours and when we arrived at the condo after getting through customs and collecting the rental car it was 8pm which was very very early in the morning UK time. Seth had only napped on the flight and stayed awake and mostly excited once we had landed. Once arriving he fell asleep immediately and woke up just thirsty at 4 this morning and then after a drink simply went back to sleep, he didn't cry at all. I'm so proud of him, he's just taken it all in his stride.

We've got a view of the space needle one side of us and Puget Sound on the other. Pike Place Market is a couple of blocks away so we'll be going shopping for fresh fish and veg later. The flight was definitely improved by having the car seat which we borrowed from Lianne, thank you xx but the onboard facilities were rubbish. None of our entertainment centres were working so couldn't watch any movies, instead they offered us a newspaper and magazine!! luckily we both had books and entertaining Seth to keep us occupied.