Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Songs, birthdays and moving

I have 2 songs I'd like to recommend that you download; both are available on itunes and each under a quid.

The first one was forwarded to me by a friend. A family have created a song to help raise funds for a little boy called Lewis who has cerebral palsy. You can get all the details if you visit It's got some impressive names associated with it.

The second song was created by Seth's school; Fairfields school. The money raised will go towards much needed equipment for the school. Apparently, every single child has contributed in some way to the song; either in voice or playing an instrument. You can actually hear Seth's dulcet tones for a couple of seconds at 55 seconds into the song. Apparently, he had great fun making his contribution. He had headphones on and was at a microphone singing away, listening to himself and bouncing along to the music. We downloaded it the other day and he immediately stilled, cocked his head to listen and then started singing along to it. Go to itunes and search for Fairfields school or the song itself  'tell me it's Christmas'.

So anyway, there's my plug.

Seth turned 5 this Friday - 5!!!  He had a great time. His class had a party (Seth shares his birthday with a classmate) and then on Saturday he went horse riding and then had a trampolining party. So quite a busy and exciting time for him and he lapped up all the attention.

And we finally move this coming Friday. We can't move for boxes and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything still to do but I'm very excited. Seth will have a downstairs bedroom and shower room and we will have loads more room. We'll be in a village and I'm already anticipating the nosy neighbour we've been warned about!