Sunday, 10 April 2011

The car has arrived!!!

Wow, thanks for the virtual hugs and hoki sayings. Very appreciated :)

Anyway to misquote Winnie the Pooh: how can anyone be uncheered with sunny weather like this?
We're off for the Easter Holidays but managed to get Seth into holiday club for 2 days at his school so Craig and I will have some time to ourselves next week. Which will be nice! Some of that time will be spent doing DIY but hey ho, that will be good in its own way.

The great news is that the CAR HAS ARRIVED!!!!! A little later than the 1st week of March that I was originally told but that always happens doesn't it? Anyway, it is SWEET and very yummy. I love its DAB radio (tuning in 6 music was the very first thing I did) and the blue tooth technology - it's even got voice commands for goodness sake!!! Plus I can fit all of Seth's stuff in the boot, yeah.