Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunny days!

We dusted off Seth's trike today for the first time since winter and took it for a spin around Willens Lake in Milton Keynes. With the larger boot I can fit it into the new car. Of course the idea is to use it instead of the car but I'm not going out onto the road without a practice session first. Seth still thinks its fab and shrieked and giggled a lot (in fact as I'm sitting in the garden typing I can hear him in his bed still shrieking and laughing, I think he's had a good day :)). I've heard of something called 'muscle memory' but my bottom definitely had forgotten what it was like to be on a bike seat!

We did some 4-point kneeling this afternoon, and Seth is definitely starting to get the idea of holding weight on his arms- and when he was on his tummy he was bringing his knees up so his bottom half moves in the right direction. I really think that he's gonna get there eventually, that one day - it could take another year, but one day - he'll hold himself up with his hands.I think the main thing is that he's enjoying trying and he's really exploring what he can/can't do, like doing squats when he's standing and leaning further and further back when he's sitting so he can pull himself upright without falling over.