Monday, 24 October 2011

Having fun

We've had the best few days. Seth has been so happy, responsive and talkative. Yesterday he enjoyed rolling by himself on the floor. I had him lying on his tummy whilst I played with a toy that makes him giggle. He then happily rolled himself onto his back! Then I managed to get him rolling onto either side, following a noisy, flashing halloween toy I picked up the other day. He actually rolled onto his left side to touch it and then rolled onto his right side to follow it. Very very cool!

This morning Seth found stickle brick pieces very entertaining. He was sitting in his chair with a few different colours and shapes on his tray and he actually used both hands to pick up and handle them. I was so proud of him. & then in the bath tonight he raised his right arm high and then brought it down to splash the water with his hand. He has been using his hand to splash the water for a few months now but tonight it was such a deliberate move and he made himself laugh.