Thursday, 3 November 2011

A visit to great godparents

Last weekend we went to Leeds to visit David and Sheila. David is my godfather and so we entitled him 'great godfather' when Seth was born. I was born in Leeds so it always feels like coming home when we go up there (even though we moved when I was 3 or 4!!!). Soon after Seth was born Craig had a job opportunity in Leeds and we considered moving but I'm so glad we didn't. If we had not had our friends close to us over the last few years we would not have dealt with all that life has thrown at us half as well!!!

Anyway, the visit was fab. We were well fed and watered, taken to a farmers market where I drooled over cakes but managed not to buy any (I don't know where I got my willpower from!!!) and David and Sheila even babysat Seth so we could go out with Gill (their daughter) and Lee (her husband). It was weird cos the last few times we've been up has been to see Matt (their son) and Robyn (his wife) and it made us really miss them but they have returned to New Zealand and it's going to take more than a 2 and a half drive up the motorway to see them again. I think I must have my motherhood 6th sense running cos while we were at the pub on Saturday night, it was getting close to 11 and I announced it was time to get a taxi back. When we walked through the door we discovered that Seth had just woken up crying so it was good we hadn't stayed out any longer.

In fact Seth had woken up several times for the past 3 nights, and that night was no exception. We didn't really know what was wrong and then Sunday morning he fitted. He fitted several times during the day and spent the rest of the time drowsing or asleep. Sunday night he started rubbing his ear. On Monday the doctor said he had an inflamed ear and we decided to leave it a few days to see if it cleared up itself but he continued to have bad nights and then this morning he fitted again. So now he's on antiobiotics - the yellow stuff that looks like radioactive waste!!!! Hopefully he's now on the mend.

Seth and Sheila having a cuddle

Seth with me and Gill enjoying the playground

Seth and Craig enjoying the swings