Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Riding for the Disabled

Seth rode a horse for the first time on Saturday! He's not even 4 and he's horse riding! They didn't have a hat small enough for his head so I brought along his cycle helmet which is a bit too big for him as well, actually, but they said it would be okay.

Seth had been extremely excited the whole drive there and then decided it was time for a nap as soon as we arrived. However, when the pony started moving he sat up tall and had such a grin on his face. Of course all the photos then came out blurred so I had to satisfy myself with a few snaps when they were stationary, and Seth predictably had his head down. The whole thing lasted about half an hour max and Seth had two people walking by his side holding him so that he couldn't slide from the saddle (one being his daddy), and another guiding the pony. They walked up and down the length once and then they had different activities for the children (there were 2 others during Seth's session), so they had to walk their ponies down one length, lean down and pick up an item that was placed on top of a cone and then walk back up and drop it into a bucket, and then go again to collect another item. Obviously, Seth was assisted in all this, however, there was one older, more able child, who was learning to guide her pony by coloured reins who was riding a whole lot better than I ever did during my few riding lessons as a child.

We don't have a date to go back yet as they are fully booked and we will have to wait for last minute cancellations, however, in the New Year maybe we can get a regular slot.