Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mums of special needs kids who blog

My friends son is in a very bad way and after returning home for a few short days he is back in hospital. I say a friend, but she's just a woman whose blog I follow. But I read about her and her families good times, the stressful days and the days full of laughter. And right now she feels like a friend whose going through hell. I write a few platitudes on her blog and hope that it helps a little. Would it help me? I think so but mine is more emotional angst; it's been a long time since I actually felt Seth's life was actually in danger (and long may that last!!!)

Another mum I follow drove me to tears this week on a recent post from Mama Lewis. Stacie's daughter is also severely brain damaged and is going to start pre school at a special needs school. The post says, probably a lot more eloquently than I ever could, exactly how I felt when we first visited Seth's school. Mama Lewis also has a new website.

It was Craig's birthday on Friday so we've had a really treat-filled weekend. I took him to see the comedian Richard Herring Thursday night and my parents had Seth for the night so I could surprise Craig with a night at a hotel. Then Friday we picked Seth up from school and drove up to Derbyshire for 2 nights at a cottage. (it's times like this when I love working and having the financial means to do this!!) Seth did his usual and woke up every couple of hours but the cottage was amazing - I think the best we've ever stayed in so although tired we still feel rested. I highly recommend the cottage the Old Creamery, near Matlock