Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the end of a school year

It's Seth's last day at school tomorrow, before the Summer break. I know I'm going to cry; I've been tearful all week just thinking about it. It's the nursery/pre-school class so he was always going to be changing class this September but Seth has had this teacher and a couple of the support staff since he started January last year and I've gotten attached.

Seth isn't going to the next 'normal' class that's the next age up. The chosen classes are 'needs led' so Seth instead is going to a mult-age class that is for mult-sensory difficulties. Its one of the boxes you can tick when filling out the many forms that we seem to have to complete, when having to define your child's difficulties. That was one of the few that I left blank but I am assured that Seth fits that category as well. We went to see this new class and meet the teacher. She is an amazing woman with tons of enthusiasm and really knows her stuff. The hope is that her multi sensory technique will encourage Seth in communicating and interacting with his world more. But I still left there and cried like I haven't done in a long while now. I'm upset that he needs to be there, upset that apparently he got upset when he visited the class last week, upset that he is going to be in a class where most of the children sit in their own supported seating and so he won't get that physical interaction with other kids. I'm upset that his current teacher is concerned with his progress which is why she recommended this class.

Yet I'd rather he be there with a teacher that has so many fantastic ideas about how to interact with her kids on the level they need. I've just got to keep it together tomorrow when I pick Seth up from school.