Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Working through our fears!

One week on and we may have begun to crack Seth's new phobia. Through a process of elimination we've realised that it isn't a skin reaction, either to heat, grass, existing medicine or soap. We tried putting Seth in the bath when it was empty and he became just as hysterical. We spent days just sponging him down to keep him clean. Then on Sunday night I decided that we were just going to have to work him through this new phobia. Whatever originally caused it, it now definitely was just in his head.

I started by walking him up the stairs, talking to him gently all the way. He immediately began to get very upset. This boy definitely knows that bath time lies at the top of the stairs! We got to the bathroom and started undressing. I wasn't 100% sure that building it up like that was the best thing and just getting it over quickly would be better but I was trying to reassure Seth that it was all okay. He wasn't completely hysterical when I carried him into the bath and the anticipation was definitely worse than actually being there this time. We quickly washed him and got him out quickly but the experience was definitely less harrowing than before. The following nights have continued in that vein so I think whatever was frightening Seth so much is finally fading!

On the flip side of these traumas, Craig's dad bought Seth a swing at the weekend and he loves it!