Thursday, 6 March 2014

This is my duck

Today is World Book Day and the children at Seth's school were invited to come in dressed as a character from their favourite book. I would say that Seth's favourite book is 'This is my duck'. It has featured on this blog at least once in the past. It's a touchy-feely book with a button that you press to hear the duck say 'quack quack' before turning each page. Seth has had it for years and because the button is too difficult for him to press we now use a recordable switch alongside the button. Seth gets great delight from pressing the switch to contribute the 'quack quack' as I read him the story.
Seth reads with mummy

I'm not traditionally a very 'crafty' person but I was determined to make Seth a duck costume. I hadn't realised til this morning how much it made me feel like a normal mum. To simplify things Craig cut up an old towel and dyed it yellow (oh yes, it was a team effort!). Then last night I sewed on the 2 wings, a fluffy tummy and cut out orange felt for the webbed feet and beak. We even had a couple of yellow feathers for the tail. I didn't think Seth would tolerate his new beak but he thought it was all very funny.

daddy and Seth dressed as a duck

Seth in class showing off his wings and tail

Seth 'the duck' sits down in class