Sunday, 18 May 2014

horse riding and play centres

Seth had horse riding yesterday morning, as usual. This lesson was different, though. It was so warm in the building that the organisers decided that the horses could go for a walk. The other reason it was different was that as they were short on helpers I offered to walk alongside the horse (they have one person leading the horse and 2 people either side to support the child). At first I was very nervous as Seth moved alarmingly from side to side as the horse walked. However, I soon got the hang of it and Seth was very happy to be outside. I think it was the best session ever. Normally the horses are led around in a circle and up and down the area they use. However, because we were on a walk, it wasn't as stop and start and Seth seemed better able to get used to the horse's movement and adjust his balance. Whilst he did keep sliding slowly to one side, overall his back was much straighter and he sat really well.

Seth is just generally fab. He now uses his walker to walk to the school bus, and then on into school (and back at the end of the day). I am hopeful that one day he might actually walk unaided. He's even started to weight bear through his hands. It's a very small but significant step forward.

I've been crazy busy with Giggles Play; the sensory & soft play centre I mentioned in a previous blog. It's actually happening! It's incorporated as a Community Interest Company and at the moment I'm completing funding applications. It's all being held up by the painfully slow process of setting up a business bank account. The plan is to go 'mobile' for at least the first year and assuming my applications are successful, aim to 'open' in November. It will be nicely timed for Seth's birthday; I'll probably be it's first customer but will nicely showcase it's potential for birthday parties!