Sunday, 24 August 2014

I'm getting lots of cuddles from a very weary boy!

We're having a very quiet bank holiday. Seth seems to be growing a new tooth, although I can't see where. As he hasn't lost one it must be at the back which explains how much he is suffering.

Yesterday he spent the afternoon asleep after having a melt down at lunchtime. He was so tired but every time he took a bite of the sandwich he just screamed. I can only assume that his gums are hurting. Today I managed to get Seth to eat his lunch and then we had a lovely cuddle on the sofa where he fell asleep in my arms. I carried him to bed and again he slept the afternoon away. When he woke we discovered he'd had a poorly tummy and the poo had soaked through his nappy and trousers. Lovely! He wasn't bothered though and he even tolerated being showered which bodes well for the wet room we are hopefully having installed sometime before the end of the year.

It's a problem though because we've got the breathing excercises we're supposed to be carrying out each day, we've got all these speech and language toys that we've been lent for the summer holiday and we've also just been given these wrist splints that we are supposed to be building up his tolerance too. & he's just so sleepy and grumpy at the moment that we are spending a lot of time just cuddling. It's lovely but I feel guilty that we're not doing all this stuff. I know that's silly because if that's all he's up to then that's all we should be doing. But it always sounds lame when you get to the end of the holidays and you have to explain why you didn't anything! We have managed to fit in using some of the toys and actually just doing it for a few minutes is suiting Seth better and he's really enjoyed using a switch to turn a lamp on and to make a whizzy light toy light up.

We did manage to do the breathing excercises every day for over a month. But then Seth didn't want to lie still for them and it got harder to do. I really wanted to do them for the full 3 months so we could evaluate if they were having an effect. Certainly, I haven't seen any change and apparently even in that short space of time we should have seen something. I have to say I've become a little sceptical. It does seem a broad brush approach for such a diverse range of special needs children, including children with autism. I'm sure some children really benefit from it, and certainly my friend's child really seems to be enjoying and responding to the excercises. I would like to try to begin fitting them in again, though, so we can at least say we properly gave it a go.