Monday, 15 September 2014

Seth sees colours!

Seth and I were playing with a shape sorter. It's a lovely wooden toy that a friend bought for Seth a couple of years ago and every so often it comes out of the toy box. If Seth is on form he really enjoys playing with it but often he objects to it so I pick my times carefully.

Yesterday, he seemed very happy to be sitting in his chair so I brought it out. I did the usual, scattering the coloured shapes onto his tray and asking him to choose one. He then moves his right arm to nudge one and I post it into the sorter for him.

This time, however, I realised that the colour he chose was the same colour as the side of the sorter that was facing him. I praised him and turned the sorter over to show a new side. He then, in turn, chose the correct colour shape that matched the side that was facing him! At one point he even lifted up his left arm, which he rarely uses, and landed his hand on the yellow shape - correctly selecting the correct colour.

We went through it twice and I was so excited before Seth seemed to get weary of it and then ended up sleeping most of the afternoon so it obviously took it out of him. But it was amazing and he has never before shown so clearly that he can distinguish between colours. Coming after the 'severely visually impaired' diagnosis, it does show how cortical visual impairement is so changeable! I wish I had video footage to share but I wasn't going to stop playing to mess about with my camera! We'll just to do again soon!