Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Finding support

I started this blog because I didn't know of any online groups to share my experiences with. But then looking for ways to get my blog 'out there' has led to finding some groups. So I have gained another benefit from doing this. I've mentioned Nutmums before but I've now discovered their discussion forum which is great. In addition, there is a Facebook group called 'Bristol is able' which has expanded from Bristol only members such is the nationwide need for online support/discussion groups. Certainly being able to connect with people in a similar position to me is great relief!

I have finished my project and it has been duly stuck on the wall around Seth' bed. He seems to like having them there which is a good start! Today Seth was amazing in swimming class; he held onto the rail and even slid his hands along it. Plus he vocalised in response to the teacher saying hello. In addition to all, this I finally made it to the toy library so I've got some new toys for the next month for the princely price of less than a quid.