Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sponsored Travel

Seth took part in a sponsored travel at school on Tuesday. He did it in his walker; walked a few steps and then fell asleep! He managed to raise over £200 for new equipment at his school's sensory room and officially walked 14 metres although by the look of the pictures he took a lot of cajoling cos he looks half asleep! I'm going to try to scan them in so can upload them here because they are priceless :)

When I was collecting the sponsorship money today at work I got talking to a colleague and discovered that he has a son with learning difficulties and autism. His son is in his early 20's and they are trying sort out where he can live so that he can be as independent as possible (albeit with 24 hour care). I got a bit glum at this because everything Mike was telling me is going to be my problem one day. I try not to think about it and focus on the daily struggles to ensure that when the time comes Seth is as independent as possible but it's still there...........ho hum.

I've decided to give my massage business a go. I am a qualified massage therapist but haven't practiced professionally since Seth was born. I've been wrestling with whether to sell all my equipment and give it all up but now feel that I've got some time and energy to give it another go. I loved doing it and am going to meet with my hairdresser tomorrow about renting her back room. I've been thinking about touch therapy for kids - I know how much Seth enjoys it when I massage him. I need to do some research......