Friday, 17 June 2011

We had a meeting with Seth's consultant on Tuesday. To prepare I started to think about all the new things that Seth is doing and there is so much! They are all really little things but they are all stepping stones to speech and mobility. Seth talks so much and its sounding closer to words. Twice now he has said 'more' which traditionally has been used when feeding but he was actually asking for a drink. He has signed 'more' and 'cake' on a number of occasions too (you can tell he's my son, it's all about filling his tummy). The other morning we were having a cuddle (he properly cuddles in now; wrapping his arms round your neck and bringing his knees round) and he was showing no signs of wanting to stop. So I asked him 'do you want breakfast?' and he pushed himself away using his hands, looked me right in the eyes and laughed. Amazing!

The consultant noted all this down and gave his traditional spiel about fits and how dangerous they are and how good it is that Seth is still only having them so sporadically. I suppose it's no wonder that I have such a negative knee jerk reaction when Seth does have them. But really all that matters is that our house is filled with laughter and happiness, something that I couldn't even imagine not so long ago.

Craig and I had a weekend to ourselves last weekend, going to Download festival. It was so good to spend the time together; we completely chilled out although we did get rather wet on Sunday. In fact rather wet is an understatement - I wasn't too bad but Craig was completely soaked through and I can't believe he escaped without getting ill! Good though cos that would rather have spoiled the moment!