Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the good, the bad and the spending cuts

Last week I had my first real experience of social services. Because I was feeling utterly crap and was struggling carrying Seth around I asked (and was given!!!!) some help on Friday. A nurse from an agency spent the afternoon with us, helping with feeding and bathing. She didn't have to do a great deal because Seth fitted and slept most of the afternoon but it still meant I could go have a bath and not worry about having to leap out if Seth woke up. Seth is being a bit of a git at the moment. I think it's because he's just so tired by the time Craig picks him up from my parents but he just screams. He spent last week waking up several times every night so by the end of the week Craig and I were ready to snap each others heads off from tiredness. The weekend helped though - I actually spent Sunday on a go slow; doing those little tasks that never get done because you never seem to get time - and that was very satisfying. But then last night Seth just wouldn't settle and wouldn't be comforted for several hours. & then tonight again he was just sobbing. He's working so hard at school and coming home with gold stars on a regular basis and I think by the end of the day he's just completely strung out. Northamptonshire County Council are stopping free transport for under 4 yr olds to Seth's school. Yet again I am thankful that my parents pick Seth up when I'm at work. But what about those parents who don't have that kind of support?! Already there are children that had intended joining Seth's class in September that didn't end up coming because they knew the transport wasn't going to be available from October (apparently). So those are children that are now missing out; they wouldn't have planned to come if it wasn't the best place for them. Thing is I heard about this a week or so ago so went on the council website to find out if it was true and there was nothing about it. & then 2 days ago the letters went out to parents. Nice!