Thursday, 22 September 2011

Not the best day of a crappy week

The train pulled away as I walked into the station! I'm going to London for a course, its prepaid and the train fare is paid so I'm going. I feel queasy and tired and probably could even should be off sick but when you work sitting still at a computer and you feel ok sitting still you can't help but think 'well I might as well work'! But let me explain: I had a reaction to something I ate (or drank, I did try a shot of pocine and I wouldn't be at all surprised if my body revolted) at a lovely friends wedding Saturday night. Seth was with my parents until later on Sunday and Craig and I had the night and morning to ourselves. Only I spent 24 hours very very poorly. I have been to the doctor 3 times and been prescribed a heartening quantity of drugs. On the plus side I should have lost a decent amount of weight as I'm still pretty much only eating crackers, although at the moment my stomach resembles a basketball. Also my family have been amazing; my parents kept Seth til Monday night and then on Tuesday when I picked up Seth from school I went round to my brother and sister-in laws and Rob took Seth off to the park so that I could sit and chill with Pip. I struggle picking up and carrying Seth around so I phoned the Children's Disabled Team yesterday. They carried out the initial assessment and had determined we needed a core assessment. It was actually a very sympathetic report although had my name wrong and had spelling and grammatical errors throughout so I had returned it to them for amends (!) Anyway I called them to see if there was any emergency help they can offer and I've now got someone to help on Friday when I pick Seth up from school until his bedtime! The system works sometimes :)