Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Jesus Army and Ramadan noise-off

I live next door to a mosque and next to them is the Jesus Army (I may have mentioned this before). Well today is the the last day of Ramadan and I've had to complain a couple of times about the noise of people leaving the mosque at 11 at night. One time someone from the Jesus Army even knocked on my door to ask if I was finding the prayers too noisy. So anyway an hour ago there's a load of muslims milling around outside and you can hear their chatter but then I can hear the sound of singing so I look out my door and the Jesus Army guys are standing in the road in a circle, holding hands and singing. Someone is even playing a guitar! Good grief!

Anyway, so we had THE VISIT today. They were here for over an hour and a half. Craig says it went well, whilst one never spoke (as promised) the other was nice nice and very sympathetic although didn't seem to be able to handle it very well when he pushed the questions. ie why do we have to go through an assessment from the Disabled Childrens Team when it's already known that Seth is disabled and there have been various assessments, or what exactly is the difference between them and the previous group we were dealing with, or why do we have to go through all this beurocracy? Anyway, we've jumped through that hoop and shall wait and see what happens next.

I'm definitely in a better mental state than last week. Craig was away in Barcelona this weekend on a stag thing. I was pretty apprehensive about being on my own with Seth for 4 days but actually we had a great time. I managed to lose one of his shoes which is a real pain but that gave me the excuse to put his wellies on him and take him walking in the rain. We stood in a puddle stomping and splashing. Seth thought it was very funny! Plus I got pressies :)