Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The professionals are now scared of me!

We were supposed to get our initial assessment by the Disabled Childrens Team yesterday to assess our needs and whether we can get Direct Payments, which I had asked for. I had had a rather frustrating telephone conversation with the women due to visit where she told me that I couldn't use Direct Payments for childcare,even though I knew 2 mums who used it for that very reason and one person who was paid for babysitting through it. After my previous post/rant on this subject someone sent me the link to Directgov which spelled out that Direct Payments could be used for this reason so I was feeling pretty antsy about this woman coming into our house and assessing us. Anyway, it didn't happen. 10 minutes before the appointment I got a phone call from her team leader telling me that she had been called away on an emergency and they would need to reschedule. I'd already waited over a month for this appointment and I've been feeling pretty stressed anyway so you can imagine how pleased I was about that!!!!

Anyway this woman phoned back today and we arranged the new appointment for next Tuesday (happily Craig is home that day so he will deal with her, rather than me)but this time she insisted that it had to be an accompanied visit. She had already phoned last week and asked if she could bring a trainee with her and I had refused - I've allowed plenty of observers over the last 3 years and frankly I'm sick of Seth being someone's lesson. I'm also sick of strangers coming into my house. Now she's telling me that I have no choice because her visit has to be accompanied.

So I phoned the Carers helpline. The woman on the helpline explained that the confusion stems from me using the phrase 'childcare' which is meant for when you want to go to work, not for when you want someone to babysit so you can get a break. Okay, so now I understand not to use that phrase. And the reason why the assessor will no longer come on her own?......because she doesn't like me. She didn't like the way I spoke to her on the phone and she will only come if someone is with her. Good grief! Oh well, an even better reason for Craig to meet with her next week and not me!!!