Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Falling out of bed

Seth is now regularly falling out of bed. On the face of it that sounds like quite a bad thing but it also means that Seth is finally rolling over onto his right side, something that before a month or so ago he had never done on his own. It also means that he is systematically kicking the side of the bed out. Then he is rolling onto his front, getting his arms free and sliding out of bed. A couple of times we've found him kneeling against the side of the bed with his hands on the mattress which shows a real level of control to his movements.

The other thing is that we don't hear a thump, we don't even hear Seth crying. We simply hear him talking away to himself but with a 'I'm not totally happy about where I've found myself' tone of voice. It's only when I've gone up to him that he's started crying. We've also put layers of padding by the side of the bed so he is cushioned when he does fall !!!

Every time Seth falls out of bed, he's learning. About his body, about his environment and how to gain more control over his movements. Its brilliant.