Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A day of fun and laughter

I have had such a great day with Seth, today.

He spent Monday and Tuesday with Craig while I worked (it being the christmas holidays 'n all). On both days I left before Seth was up and I got home after he was in bed so I didn't see him at all. Yesterday I got the following email from Craig, who was listing to BBC 6 Music on the digital radio:

"Seth - house of pain bouncebouncebounce.

Seth - Stone temple pilots head lent (to the left) quiet appreciation - and singing along.


DJ Shadow not a lot of response need to work on the ambient hip hop."

and then:

"However Aretha Franklin - hand waving giggles.

I'm thinking cake reward.

Oh it's Run DMC there goes the tambourine."

This morning when Seth saw me I got such a lovely smile. He has been so relaxed today - he always seems to respond so well to having both Craig and I around. I know that probably seems like a stupidly obvious statement but its not always obvious that he is aware of us anymore that anyone else so we do need this kind of validation once in a while. We've done lots today - our social worker came round first thing to get our assessment paperwork signed off. Hopefully this means we'll have direct payments approved early January. Then we went to the hospital for Seth's annual eye checks. It was agreed that we'd try Seth with glasses so we should get those in the New Year. Most of Seth's eyesight difficulties are not physical but more to do with how his brain is processing the information his eyes receive, however, he does also have an astigmatism which makes it difficult to focus so the glasses might help with that. So progress there....

And we had lots of play and Seth has been just fantastic; one example of play was Seth sitting in his chair and I rolled a ball to him. I then took both of his hands and we caught the ball. I did this a number of times and then when I rolled the ball down his tray he brought both hands to the ball on his own and then rolled it around for a while. Naturally, I was extremely proud and he's been doing that kind of thing all day!!!!