Thursday, 8 December 2011

I rock!

I know it's not polite to congratulate yourself but I just don't care. The Digital Marketing course that I've been battling through all year has finished! I took the two 3-hour exams at the beginning of this week and I am done. I actually really enjoyed doing the exams, the crazy revision really paid off and my life is mine again (well, you know - the bits that don't belong to Seth :) ) I won't know if I've passed until end of Feb and obviously it would be nice if I did but I'm just so happy that I completed it- it was such a hard slog and I almost gave up near the end.

Seth turned 4 last week and we bought him a cabin bed. It's brilliant. Of course he can't climb the steps to get into it (although I do walk him up them and then help him roll down the bed to his pillow). Because he's higher we don't have to lean down to pick him up and there is even a slide and I have a dream that one day he'll learn to use it to get out of bed himself. The best part, however, is the den underneath that I've turned into a sensory den with lights and sensory toys. I will sort out photos...