Saturday, 22 June 2013

All-terrain buggies

Today I received some fantastic news in the mail. Our application for funding for a Delta All-Terrain buggy has been approved. We applied to Cerebra and the paperwork said it could take up to 2 months to get a decision, yet we got a reply within a fortnight.

I'm pretty gobsmacked, and very grateful, its a lot of money we are asking for: the buggy and all the accessories come to almost £2,500. We are contributing £400 with the rest coming from the charity. But its going to make such a difference, I'm so excited. We're going to be able to go for proper walks without worrying about having to stick to flat paths. Stiles could still cause a challenge but it'll be lighter than Seth's wheelchair so we might even be able to carry him over them.

The buggy will come with changeable beach wheels so we can take Seth onto sand...something that has proven impossible with a wheelchair. And it will also come with a tow bar which allows you to attach the buggy to the back of a bike. Awesome!

We'll have a lot more freedom and Seth can relax, smell the air, feel the wind and hear...everything! There is nothing like having a child who experiences his world so acutely through his hearing to make you aware of all the different sounds there are around you.

So here is my plug for Cerebra. They are a fab charity for children with neurological conditions: they have an innovations centre where parents can ask for adaptations that don't currently exist; such as the very popular supportive snow sled, they provide seminars like the one I attended on guidance for helping improve sleep, they have a book & toy library and they publish research papers. They also have a lottery you can join.