Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rocking Wychwood Festival

We were at Wychwood Festival this weekend, in Cheltenham. We had weekend camping tickets but as Seth and I were recovering from a virus; Seth was definitely off colour and I was still tired, plus Craig was still suffering we decided camping probably not the cleverest of ideas. So we got a premier inn family room for Saturday night and we just went for the day yesterday.

Well it lived up to being a festival for families. There was a whole area given over to crafty stuff for kids, there was even a tent with people demo-ing board games and a waterstones tent with speakers from children's authors. I tried making this stick that you tied ribbons on with Seth but the tents were very busy and noisy with very excited children and it was all a bit much for Seth.

He was definitely much more interested in the music and started bouncing in his chair as we approached the stage. Needless to say Seth was over excited when we made our way back to our room and would not sleep until we gave up and turned the lights and TV off. Then at 2 he was awake again for several hours so apologies to anyone trying to sleep in the adjacent rooms!

On a different subject, I returned the toy and battery adaptor (from previous post) and got refunds (i do have to big up Kiddicare website because it wasn't their fault the toy ended up unsuitable and they were very reasonable, I think.) So I'm now going to buy a pre switch-adapted toy. Any suggestions anyone? Seth is finally showing an interest in his IPad:

Right it's just gone 9 but I'm off to bed because I'm shattered!