Monday, 28 October 2013

My own top tips for free portraits and weighted quilts

My last post was a link to a post from the  National Autistic Society (NAS), retweeted by Netbuddy and it was the speech that a women gave about her brother who is autistic with learning difficulties at the launch of Push for Action campaign. The campaign is to push for more support for people with autism. There is more on the campaign on the NAS website. Netbuddy is a useful website with handy tips, and its merging with Scope shortly.
Speaking of things to know about I've met a woman who makes weighted quilts and she made one for a friend of mine. Weighted blankets can be good for children who have difficulty sleeping and for those with sensory difficulties. They are all hand made and if it's something you were thinking about then I recommend you check out Weighting for Sleep. I've lost her business card but she can add her details in the comments below.
And finishing my recommendations, another friend has had free professional family photos through a new charity;