Friday, 4 October 2013

Teething troubles with our new Occupational Therapist

I need to find the time to blog more frequently - I've got so much stored up to say!!!

So, we're definitely taking Seth to the dentist. I'm making an appointment later today. We had a week of calm but now that's over. It has to be his teeth - I finally found someone whose son also has pain when his adult teeth come through - so I need to get them checked out.

I had quite an unbelievable telephone conversation yesterday. We hadn't heard from Seth's OT (Occupational Therapist) for a while. She came round at the end of the summer holiday to review Seth's new seating and I had explained that it was causing us problems. It's all wood and the head rest has no padding and Seth just keeps slamming his head back onto it. Plus the tray is concave (I think that's the right word; it has a half moon cut out of it, I suppose so there is room for the child to grow?) which means that there's a big hole for all his food to fall into his lap and for any toy I try to put in front of him, to roll down. She had a look, removed  the head rest completely and said she'd get the rep to come to offer solutions. I also asked if we could upgrade from the potty chair to something that attaches to the toilet as his balance was so good and he was getting too big for the chair. She said that was an easy fix as she had a product in stock.

However, I didn't hear anything until yesterday when a new OT phoned to introduce herself. Our old OT was on secondment and her workload had been shared out. Now, I work an hour from our home town  Monday-Wednesday and then from home the rest of the week. Seth is at school every day and Thursdays goes straight to trampolining after school. So the only day we can have appointments is after school on a Friday. This is quite limiting, I realise, but our OT has been with us for a couple of years and knows this. It was always a problem because her working week didn't extend to a Friday so we made all of our appointments in the holidays. So why are we given a new OT who also doesn't work Fridays and isn't working this half term?! Plus she knew nothing about the rep needing to come and see Seth's chair or anything about the toilet seating. She actually asked if she could come next Wednesday and when I said that not only was I at work but Seth was at school she asked if I could keep him home from school that morning.

Needless to say she won't be coming next Wednesday.

Onto some nice news, now. We are back in print in Country Walking magazine! They have printed an update with a lovely photo of Seth in his new buggy. There are lots of walking opportunities in this issue and to celebrate I've started a new walking blog called Walking with Seth. I'm going to be tackling different routes to test their accessibility for both wheelchairs and 'all terrain' buggies and my first one ended in disaster.

Finally, last week I secretly video'd Seth. In this video, which is almost 3 minutes long, Seth sits with a couple of toys in front of him and some desk bells. He spends some time thinking about it and then does the most amazing thing with his hand. Keep watching,'s worth the wait :)