Sunday, 29 June 2014

International day of dance

This weekend we went camping. It wasn't wholly successful; we went to the Peak District and of course I've never been in the Peak District when it wasn't raining and it didn't disappoint.

We arrived quite late Friday evening, Seth was overtired and couldn't wind to sleep for hours. Then he woke up at 5 and I don't think he went back to sleep. So he spent the day very tired and grizzly, so much so that after tea time I was so worried about a terrible night that we packed up and came home. I don't know, given that all he wanted was sleep it might have been fine but I wasn't sorry to wake up in my own bed this morning.

Seth chills out in the tent

Despite how this sounds we actually had a fun time. The rain actually held off in the afternoon and we went into Bakewell. And that was when we discovered it was International Day of Dance. At least that's what the signs said and every corner we turned, there was different styles of music and random groups of people dancing. Naturally, Seth loved the music. The first group we encountered were line dancing, the second were swing dancing and the third were a group singing South African songs. Seth had a good bop and I found myself dancing my way round the town.

We haven't been put off camping. We've just learnt a few more lessons for next time. :)