Monday, 16 June 2014

We went to the zoo

Last weekend we went to Whipsnade Zoo for their Special Kids day. It's discounted entry and they have speical events such as sensory story and singing hands. They've held a special kids day at London Zoo for several years and we went to it a couple of years ago but this was the first year they extended it to Whipsnade.

It was a lovely day. We started with a senosry story; the children sat on beanbags in a darkened room. Twinkly lights were hung around and a member of staff told a story of the rainforest and the different creatures that were there. Se and her colleagues walked around the children with different materials to simulate the different animals, butterfileds 'landed' on hands and as night fell in the story, the lights were dimmed and 'fireflies' appeared on the ceiling.

It was really well done and just at the right level for Seth. When it finished we made our way to the sea lions just in time for a show. Seth sat right at the front with other wheelchairs...and got soaked when the sea lions grabbed hoses in their mouths and sprayed the audience with water. Talk about a sensory experience! He seemed a little taken aback by the experience but otherwise was quite happy.

I think his favourite bit though was eating ice was very good ice cream! It was a really lovely day and I really hope they do it again next year.

Today for Fathers Day, Seth took Craig round Salcey Forest for a Grufallo Hunt. We saw owl and snake but managed to completely miss the Gruffalo! Not sure how that happened; presumably fox was there too. Still, a good exuse to go back....