Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dealing with the experts

We have no idea what to expect from the future. At every consultant appointment we have dire predictions; Seth will be physically and mentally disabled..... he might never walk.... he might never talk.... he will reach a point when his brain is unable to develop any further...we were even shown his brain scan to drum home the terrible extent of the damage. At the latest hospital assessment strangers spent less than an hour with Seth and then we were handed a report which told us at what level his cognitive, speech & language and physical development was at. According to them nothing much has improved since his previous assessment when he was just a year old (and at that point he was months and months behind), and it's possible that he will soon 'plateau'.

But here's what I know. He can walk a few steps(if supported) and his unsupported sitting is improving. He can totally understand what I'm saying to him and is trying to speak and sign. He does new things every day. He struggles with everything but he achieves so much. Whether the experts are right or wrong makes no real difference. Seth will do whatever he can and we can only do everything we can to support and encourage his continuing development.