Tuesday, 17 May 2011


We went camping this weekend. We didn't go too far and we only stayed for one night. Craig and I used to camp infrequently before Seth was born and we haven't been since. & I really miss it. I love waking up and being instantly outdoors and seeing fields all around you. So we bought a huge tent and dipped our toe in. Seth loves being outside and spent the whole afternoon laughing, once we arrived at the campsite. He wasn't so keen on it once he went to bed though. I'd bought him a sleeping bag and he'd been sleeping in it the previous few nights and was quite happy but in this new environment he got quite freaked about by it. He wriggled around so much that he fell off his single airbed. So he got our double airbed, Craig slept on the single one and I slept on a couple of foam mats! It was quite a disturbed night but we've learnt some lessons from it and we're going to try again in a couple of weeks. The following morning, Seth was quite happy with his bed.

From Raising Seth