Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Seth woke up at 4.30 this morning screaming the house down and I still have no idea what was up with him! After carrying him round for a while and offering him a drink which was very adamantly refused I defaulted to the 'calpol and back to bed' routine. Eventually he did calm down and went back to sleep. The whole time I was conscious of the guy on the other side of the wall tutting away and got more and more annoyed at what he'd said and how uncomfortable I now felt. So I kept an eye out for the old man that lives a few doors down and wanders up and down the street. He doesn't speak very good english but he's very friendly and I've accosted him before when I've needed to speak to someone about issues with the mosque (usually the level of noise!!!). Anyway so I pounced on him and asked to talk to someone and he brought me his daughter. I explained what my neighbour had said and explained that whilst I was sure it was a language break down it was also quite rude and had left me feeling very uncomfortable. I also pointed out that we can hear his prayers at all hours of the night as clearly as he could hear anything from us. She was lovely and agreed that he probably hadn't meant it as it had come out and that she would have a word with him as it was unfair especially how much noise I put up with. So I'm feeling better again. Thing is, Seth is actually sleeping loads better since I went on that sleep seminar organised by Cerebra in Manchester. I put in practice some of their tips and on the whole he's a lot quieter at night.