Monday, 2 May 2011

Nosy neighbours

I was in the front garden this afternoon, weeding. That in itself is amazing. But I'm there and the man who lives in the mosque next door to us called to me across the wall. In his faltering English he told me that my baby cries a lot and I should be caring for him. Now, I took his blunt-ness to simply be a lack of the grasp of English and that he hadn't meant it to come across as that. He was smiling as he said it. & to be honest as I can clearly hear him singing his prayers from Seth's room I often wondered what he made of Seth's regular nightly screams. & now I know! I assured him that we didn't leave Seth crying and that often we couldn't soothe him. I also explained that Seth was 'disabled' and couldn't talk so can't say 'Mummy I'm hungry' or 'Mummy I had a bad dream' or 'Mummy I feel poorly' and so screams. At that my neighbour did start to back away from me. I'm not sure how much he understood and I don't really care. Half of me wanted to tell him to bugger off and that's it's none of his business and the other half was actually impressed that it bothered him enough to talk to me about it.