Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sore feet but good conversation

So yesterday I completed my sponsored walk. I ended up doing almost 19 miles, according to my pedometer so I'm pretty proud of that. I was of course in the group that got lost but it was such a beautiful day and I met some lovely people.

I discovered that Lady Tania Rotherwick, who owns Cornbury Park where the walk began, discovered the ROSY charity after her child was born with severe difficulties and she realised how difficult it was to find the nursing support at home. She has been supporting and fundraising for this little charity ever since, enabling it to grow and increase the number of nurses and services it provides.

I met another lady whose child had a difficult birth, similarly to Seth, but his was more profound causing hearing and sight loss, among many other things. In his short life the charity was a great support and on the walk she, along with family and friends, wore matching t-shirts sporting her son's photo.

Now the charity not only provides that respite nursing care but also equipment to loan out to families going on holiday, such as mobile changing tables. So I'm very pleased that I was able to support it, even though I am typing this with a packet of frozen peas strapped to my ankle! My team and I raised £650 the last time I checked so thank you to anyone who sponsored me.

The photos below are the team just before we set off and then me as we entered the grounds of Bletchley Palace, just a few short miles to go.