Friday, 17 January 2014

BBC Womans Hour talking about going back to work after have a special needs child

As the majority of commenting happens on Facebook I have added in a Facebook comments box so that these comments will now show on this blog as well.

You can still use the old comments box but you now have the alternative option to 'like' or comment on a post and automatically share your comment in Facebook. So, can we try this out please and add any likes or comments here instead of in Facebook. Should be easy peasy and means (assuming I've done it right of course!!)

To give you something to talk about (!) BBC Womans Hour has Hannah from on next Monday to talk about her experiences going back to work after having a child with additional needs. is an online shop which has some nice stuff; clothes, toys  and things like weighted blankets (following a theme from previous posts). I'm always inspired by anybody, especially a parent of a special need child, who sets up their own business so I'll be listening in.