Friday, 10 January 2014

Hand made weighted quilts and supportive seating on the go

I posted a while ago about a lady I had met who was begun making weighted quilts. I had lost her card so couldn't share her contact details but I have now found it again!

Weighted blankets have been found to help children with sensory input disorders, particularly children with autism. Something about the evenly distributed weight calms them down and often helps them to sleep. Anyway, Janette makes beautiful quilts and these weighted quilts are intricately made. I'm thinking about getting one for Seth. It might not be an appropriate solution for your child and the weights can make it an expensive experiment but last time I spoke to Janette she was looking into payment options so that you if it doesn't work out she'll take it back and refund you some of the cost. You'd need to contact her directly to ask exactly the details but her email address is and I know she plans to have a website soon.

Speaking of useful kit, I got very excited about a new innovation created by Leckey and Cerebra. It's part of a new Firefly range and it's called the GoTo Seat. This seat is completely portable and can be attached to supermarket trolley seats, dining chairs, swings etc etc and it provides postural support. Where has this been all my life?! I hear you cry. And that's when I stopped being all excited. Because Seth is too big for it. Size 1 is only available at the moment and is for children 1-2 years and Size 2 which will be available soon is for up to 5 yrs old. So whilst I'm gutted for me it's still a brilliant invention and will make an massive difference to parents' lives.