Friday, 3 January 2014

My new crazy project; setting up a play centre for special needs kids

I've been distracted from my blog recently. I've got it into my head that I can set up a play centre for our kids with additional needs. It's utterly ridiculous, of course. I have no start up cash, would need to fundraise an utterly enormous amount of money and then would need to make it a financially self-sustaining concern.

And yet others have managed it. So why not? Would it not be better to fail at trying something amazing than convincing yourself there is no point even trying. And maybe not failing at all! So, I've been reading about setting up a charity and trying to understand what difference being a social enterprise would be. And looking into Crowd Funding. I've even chosen a name (Giggles Play) and set up a Facebook page to get people talking about it.

I get so frustrated having nowhere to take Seth where he can simply chill out and enjoy. Especially when the weather is rubbish and so going out for a walk is out of the question. We've got really cool people in our little community with similar goals so hopefully between us we can create something that our kids deserve.

So, if you are a parent, carer, special needs professional, someone who has experience of setting up a charity, social enterprise or crowd funding; I need to hear from you! I'll take any and all advice. And if you know someone, please share the facebook page (or twitter account @giggles_play) with them.

Oh and if you know anyone in a legal firm I could really do with some pro bono legal advice!