Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cerebal palsey. I still have real difficulty with this term. Some time ago I noticed it on a note passed between consultants and as no-one had mentioned it to me I confronted them about it. At the time they were vague and said it would be something that might be diagnosed in Seth's future. At Seth's assessment a few months ago I asked if it was something they felt he had at I was told no. However, today a mum whose son has very similar physical difficulties to Seth told me that he had been diagnosed with cerebal palsey. So now I'm pretty confused. I don't want Seth to have cerebal palsey because it conjures up images of children and adults sitting awkwardly in supported wheelchairs. & yet what little I know of it, it does seem to fit with the fact that Seth has low muscle tone and struggles to use his arms and hands to hold things and support himself. So why are the 'professionals' reluctant to use the term? Hey, at the end of the day it's just a label and doesn't really make much difference but it's yet another example of the contradictory information that we are given even within the same County Council, depending on which 'professional' is assigned to you!

Anyway, today a small group of us attended a disabled children's session at Rugrats and Half Pints in Banbury, an indoor activity centre. I recommend it for all kids.