Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Well the 'craft project' has had mixed results (see previous post where I stuck photos of Seth's daily activities to card). I rarely used it to explain Seth his day; I discovered that I had put them too low down on the wall. Whilst prone he can't comfortably see any of them and when he's standing they are too low. However, I have discovered quite how much Seth uses his feet at night; he has enjoyed rubbing his feet against the different textures I had stuck to the letters and has rubbed all of these and all the glitter off. So, I have moved the ones that are still intact higher up the wall and will recreate the others. & now I want to make something specifically for his feet to play with! I was thinking of putting a large touch pad on the wall with which he could turn his light on, but I don't even know how to start with that. The idea came to me when Seth was playing in a sensory room with pads that played music when touched. So if anyone has any knowledge about this please let me know.